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At Vitalis Health, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimum health.

The Vitalis Health Colon Wellbeing Clinic is a state-of-the-art colon hydrotherapy centre established by Naturopath Ela Gold in 2001. The facility located in Murwillumbah is staffed by Ela and graduates of the Vitalis Training ‘Gold Standard in Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy” course, which is currently the most comprehensive colonic training in the world.

Individual assessment is at the core of any good health program and we design each of our detox programs and treatment regimes to help patients attain achievable realistic health goals.

Ela has been a guest speaker repeatedly at the Australian Colon Hydrotherapy Convention where she speaks about the business of Colon Hydrotherapy, gut health and the importance of a healthy microbiome.

The Vitalis Health Colon Wellbeing Clinic is for many, a milestone in their individual ongoing health and well being. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you a healthful, healing and helpful experience.

Our Team


Ela has been working in the field of alternative health for more than 20 years. She was one of the first practitioners in Australia to specialize in internal cleansing and detoxification, at a time when most people thought that ‘detox’ was for people with drug and alcohol problems.

Due to major health issues from birth, Ela developed a keen interest in all areas of alternative health, having researched and studied a wide variety of modalities all over the world.

Starting in Germany with nutrition, herbs, and naturopathy, her travels later brought her to India to study Ayurveda and meditation, Korea to study acupuncture, Brazil to learn about shamanic practices and China to experience Feng-Shui.
Once she settled in Australia in 1992 she continued her education and also added Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy (HCHt) and essential oils as an important part of healing to her clinic.

Ela knows that body, mind and spirit work together and total health has to incorporate all aspects of this trinity. Her motto is: ‘The only healer that can heal you is YOU’
Her mission is to help people to stay healthy, by cleansing and detoxifying the body, mind, and soul naturally. To encourage people to take responsibility for their own life and empower them to create their own reality, thereby allowing the awakening of inner peace and harmony.

She founded and authored ‘Shanti Village’ and its related websites, a conglomerate of online resources for health and wellbeing established in 1998 and contributed to a variety of health books.
Currently, Ela is training practitioners in the Gold Standard of Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy and the use of Essential Oils in a clinic/patient environment. 


With a degree in pharmacology and training in many healing modalities like vibrational medicine, herbal medicine, whole food medicine, mind-body-medicine, breathwork, aromatherapy, meditation, Yoga and Reiki, Petra comes to us with mountains of experience.

Diagnosed with a number of health challenges from a young age her path first led her to search for answers in traditional western medicine. She worked in Europe in the field of pharmacology which made her realize the many dangers and shortcomings of this system.

After this, her lifelong pursuit of health and wellness and a passion to help others to reduce the suffering which has plagued her own life, guided her to do a lot of research and study in the field of alternative health and wellbeing.

This led to the honor of being selected as the Australian ambassador to the Gusi Peace Prize Conference which she attended with Vladimir Megre, who received the Gusi Peace Prize for his Anastasia books. There she was able to connect widely with recognized experts in the field of integrative medicine and naturopathy like; Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, the founder of Montessori school, James, R. Mancham, the Princess of Thailand and many others, all recognizing her contribution to self-empowerment and healing.

Even though she is currently offering the power of healing to one patient at a time, her main focus is to support people on a global basis through assistance and advice about detox and fasting which she has found to be the most potent ascension accelerator & healing tool.


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