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    reflux freeReflux is a common condition that is related to the backflow of acid from the stomach, rising up the oesophagus, and into the mouth. The cause of this condition is not always known, although contributing factors include obesity, smoking, overeating,  food intolerance, alcohol and stress.

    In naturopathic terms, reflux is associated with an altered level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. When the quantity of stomach acid becomes too high or low, irritation to the stomach lining occurs, as does difficulty in breaking down foods. This process can cause partially digested foods and acid to rise up from the stomach creating reflux and/or heartburn symptoms.

    Resolving reflux problems in the long-term usually involves both lifestyle changes and appropriate supplementation. The lifestyle changes we suggest you consider include:

    • losing weight if necessary.
    • having your main meal at lunch, rather than dinner.
    • avoiding smoking, alcohol, red meat and dairy.
    • replacing coffee with herbal tea (e.g.chamomile, peppermint).
    • delaying meals if you are feeling stressed or anxious.

    The following essential oil regimes have proven very successful:
    For adults:

    • 5 drops DigestZen taken internally in a capsule, add Ginger, Peppermint, or Wild Orange to strengthen.
    • or … Frankincense topically on the throat and chest
    • or … Lemon, 3 -5 drops in the back of the mouth. Follow with water.

    Note: some find Peppermint helpful but others find it makes acid reflux worse.
    For infants:

    • DigestZen rubbed on the feet, stomach, or chest. (protect from the baby touching the area and rubbing their eyes).
    • Only use CPTG essential oils for internal use! You can contact us or buy them at doTerra worldwide

    The most effective supplement regimes for reflux incorporate Baking Soda as it immediately alkalizes, which helps to correct imbalances at their core.

    Also some Aloe Vera juice should be considered for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. You can make your own by cutting a fresh leave, peeling it and putting it in a jug of 500ml water. Leave in the fridge and drink one glass every morning. Refill the jug with water. This will keep for about 10 days.

    Consider combining this with AIM’s VeggieD Vegetable Powder or some grasses like  AIM’s BarleLife of AIM’s LeafeGreens may be used, as its rich nutritional profile and alkalising properties further assist the body with its healing processes.
    AIM Herbal Fiberblend is also valuable, as it helps to alleviate symptoms, improve the muscle tone within the digestive system.


    Cleaning out your colon with a Holistic colon Hydrotherapy session can help with reflux and many other health challenges.

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