Customer Referral Program

Are you one of our happy customers? If yes, than you probably have told your friends about us.

It is natural, we all do it when we come across something we love. In which case we never care about if we make money or get some other benefit from sharing. We are just inspired and want our friends to experience the same joy and great feeling we experienced.

Because we really appreciate that referral from you, we want to give something back in return.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s no strings attached.

Get $10 towards your next colonic for every new customer you send to us.

Just tell them to mention your name when they come to see us and we put a note on your file.

If you refer 5 friends you have a credit of $50 which you can use towards your colonic.

And don’t worry, this offer does not expire. So if you travel the world and come back in 2 years time all the referral $$ will be on your account waiting for you.

Note: This program is for existing customers only, otherwise how can you truly know how good we are? Referral $$ are not transferable.

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