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    excercise for digestionActive people usually have the healthiest digestive systems. In contrast, inactive people are more prone to digestive problems as their lack of movement can n the body struggling to move, foods and wastes through the digestive organs. This may result in bloating, flatulence, constipation, and sluggish liver and kidney function.

    Some ways of generating more bodily movements are:

    . Abdominal massage – can aid in the function of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and stomach. To perform, use gentle circular movements over the abdomen, always working in a clockwise direction. Start on your lower right-hand side, work up the ascending colon (to just under the rib cage), then across the transverse colon, then down the descending colon on your left-hand side and repeat. These movements aid digestion and peristalsis (the wavelike motion that moves food through your digestive tract), and relieve bloating and wind.

    . Deep breathing – will execute an internal massage bowel and liver. This improves the function of the digestive tract and bowel movements, as well as eliminating toxins. To perform, inhale long, deep breaths (extending the rib cage and lower lungs). Breathing through the nose and exhaling slowly from the mouth.

    . Light exercise – will help to tone the internal muscles of the body. Yoga poses and walking can be very beneficial as they both stimulate and strengthen the digestive system, although any exercise can be useful.

    The best time to exercise is away from meals on an empty stomach so as not to disrupt the digestive process.

    Remember that light exercise, including walking, works best — heavy exercise can impede digestion, as blood is drawn away from the digestive organs to fuel the limbs.


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