• Happy Belly Bread (simple)

    Posted on July 1, 2017 by in Digestion, Even Healthier Recipes

    This gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, paleo bread not only tastes delicious but is also really good for your belly.Vegan gluten free paelo bread
    It is very close to the good German bread that you can get in Europe and it is super easy to make.
    You could serve this bread every day of the week.
    Since we started eating this yummy bread our belly is truly happier.
    One reason being, it contains psyllium husks which support good bowel motions.

    You need:

    • Millet or Buckwheat: 100gr
    • Quinoa: 60gr
    • Linseed or Flax-seed: 100gr
    • Chia: 30gr

    Grind all seeds into flour, either with a mill or with a blender.


    • Psyllium Husk: 20gr
    • Coconut Sugar: 1 teaspoon
    • Sea Salt: 1 teaspoon
    • Baking soda: 1 teaspoon
    • Ground Fennel: 1 teaspoon
    • Ground Cumin: 1 teaspoon
    • Sunflower seeds: 130gr

    Mix all dry ingredients well together.Gluten Free Happy Belly Bread


    • Warm water: 350ml
    • Coconut oil: 1 tablespoon

    Mix everything and either form it into a round loaf or put it in a rectangle silicon cake form. Let sit for 30 minutes.
    Add a little water on top before putting in the oven.
    Then put into the oven at 180 C° for one hour.
    Let cool for 45 minutes before cutting.

    Optional: you can use some dry or fresh yeast if you like to make it rise a bit or  see our ‘sourdough’ version of this recipe


    PS: Please don’t blame us if you get addicted to this yummy bread.

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