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    Celery was already popular with the ancient Romans and Greeks. Both cultures would saute eggplant and make up a dip and serve it with fresh stocks of celery. The dip was similar to what we call Baba Ganoush in modern times. Celery and carrots are a soup base, they even serve Celery with Tomato juice and Vodka! Celery is the monarch of vegetables. A sure bet to add to any dish.

    Ingredients: Low-calorie sticks

    Like the celeriac, celery contains vitamins of the B group and vitamin E. It also contains minerals such as potassium and calcium and trace elements such as iron. The green varieties also contain considerable amounts of provitamin A. Celery, consists largely of water and is, therefore, is low in calories.

    Origin: Dedicated to the god of the underworld

    Celery in its wild form originally comes from the Mediterranean region. In ancient Egypt, the leaves and flowers of wild celery were used as grave goods and medicinal plants. The plant was consecrated to the god of the underworld by the Romans and the Greeks. They named the latter “Selinon” after the ancient city of Selinus on the south coast of Sicily. Not only did a lot of celery grow in their vicinity, but a celery leaf was also found in their coat of arms. In Europe, celery was not known until the early Middle Ages and was mainly used as a medicinal plant. Until the 18th century, it was only grown in court and monastery gardens.

    Botany: celery stalk forms petioles

    The English name of the Umbelliferae Apium Graveolens var Dulce already gives it away: Unlike celeriac, celery does not form a tuber, but leaf stalks. These are erect and fleshy. The green celery tastes mild, the aromas of the light and golden yellow varieties are stronger.

    Season: free-range and greenhouse goods

    Celery can be bought in any supermarket 365 days a year. Our Celery comes from Western Australia and is one of the highest yielding vegetable crops. Usually grown from transplants produced by specialist seedling nurseries. It is a shallow-rooted crop with high nutrient and moisture requirements

    Storage: Relatively good shelf life

    Celery sticks can be kept for up to two weeks if they are kept in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

    Tips for preparation: As raw food or to refine

    Raw, the sticks are a popular raw food that is dipped in dips – for example on a quark, yoghurt or cream cheese basis.

    The finely cut celery enriches salads but is also used to refine soups, sauces and stews.

    Celery was always popular to mix in with other juices but has now become popular, thanks to the medical medium, to just drink 200-500ml fresh celery juice alone in the morning.


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