Fasting programs

We recommend 2 fasting programs that you can do easily at home. Ideally, you do not have to work or cook for others during this time.

Although it would be recommendable that it is applied within a time that you would dedicate fully to cleansing, it is not compulsory.

Both cleanses are easy and convenient programs that you can integrate during a regular working schedule.



Why we love the Zencleanz RAINBOW (7-day detox)

Because it is easy to follow. Everything is outlined for you and it is a no brainer.

It is also based on Enzymes – which are so important and have come into the light as amazing cleansing helpers.

It is gentle and doesn’t give you massive detox reactions.

The program has been designed to address the whole Gastro-Intestinal Tract and the Liver/Gallbladder.

If you are very new to cleansing you can also have some raw foods or soups with this cleanse and still get amazing results.

It is beautifully presented and really helps you to want to be clean.


What else we recommend with this:

To get maximum cleansing results we recommend having a colonic the morning you start the cleanse and one at the end.

Yes, it is pricy, but then most superior quality products are.



Master Cleanse

Why we love the master cleanse:

It is simple and easy.

You can premix and carry it around with you.

It is cheap.


What else we recommend with this:

AIM Herbal Fiberblend (start with 1tsp and increase every 4 days another tsp up to 3 tsp) 3x per day. If you add the AIM Herbal Fiberblend you can really see the shape of your colon and ropes and worms.

Activated Zeolite powder with Humic/Fulvic
1/4 tsp in 200ml water, 3x per day. Mix the powder in Water and let sit for 5 minutes while you drink your Fiberblend. Then drink this after.

Have 2 colonics per week of cleansing.


How to prepare it:

Just mix 300ml water (hot or cold), 30ml Lemon juice (approx 1 small lemon), 30 ml of Maple syrup and as much cayenne as you personally can handle.

You can drink this up to 6x per day.

Note: You must brush your teeth after each drink! As that much lemon can be aggressive for your teeth.

Originally the cleanse was designed for 40 days. But even one day on the cleanse is great.