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    Counselling is a professional activity that cultivates interpersonal relations into self development and personal understanding. Though this new found understanding patients are able to make changes in there lives which will impact in more positive ways.

    Psychotherapy is a highly regulated area and requires specific training and qualifications. Ethics play a major role in treatment regimes and therapeutic interventions.


    Counselling Trauma

    Trauma Counselling is a psychological modality designed to assist people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and help them re integrate into regular life. Counsellors often discuss traumatic events with patients and offer them tools and techniques for dealing with their emotions. Most victims suffer from depression, anger , flash backs and nightmares. Most victims need additional help and therapy to combat related affects of this disease like self medication, insomnia or emotional detachment.


    Core Energetics

    Is another healing modality that analyses our past for the purpose of isolating negative experiences and traumas which occurred in our childhood. By embracing these experiences and their behavioural manifestations in our character we can move past a state of disempowerment and live better more fruitful lives.

    Creating awareness about the root cause of a belief, behaviour or phobia helps us shift blocked energy, which in turn helps us let go.

    Core energetics takes treatments a step further and asks patients to replace these previous manifestations and behaviours with new more positive and healthful habits and beliefs.


    Family Constellations

    Also known as Systemic Constellations or Systemic Family Constellations, FC helps patients identify unwanted habits or attitudes passed on generational. Once identified and accepted patients are
    encouraged to let these inhibiting practices dissolve into the past.

    Morphic resonance is the dynamic employed to assist patients. This resonance is emotional knowledge of traumas suffered in previous generations. Practitioners believe that by recognising and embracing these traumas or issues change can occur. That positive outcomes can be achieved through positive suggestion and empathy.

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