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    The use of dowsing rods is a long standing form of divination. And in the case of health matters, the practitioner uses a dowsing rod to locate the source of illness or malady in a person.

    Dowsing is not based on science but instead on humanities un confirmable intuitive forces of nature.

    Dowsing is more a kin to magical thinking than a healing modality.

    Feng Shui


    Feng Shui

    Feng Shui is a modality where the practitioner observes the appearance of environments that humans interact with. The goal is to harmonize the environment and create a sense of place, This is accomplished by observing ancient proven formulas and calculating ways to address these inconsistencies in our environment. Specifically ones which interrupt the flow of the invisible forces of nature. Forces that bind together all that is, the earth, humanity, the universe.

    Feng Shui is widely used to orient architectural structures—often spiritually significant buildings like tombs, but also houses, restaurants and other public buildings.

    Space Clearing

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    Space Clearing

    Revitalizing energies in buildings is an age old art and modality. Feng Shui is the common foundation for the practitioner of this system of clearing and energetic maintenance of a place. Although the clearing is done on a metaphysical level, it is also conducted on the physical place with the intention of streamlining accessibility, interaction, comfort and engagement with the space and setting up the environment to be more harmonious and less dangerous or cumbersome.

    There are a number of practitioners that practice “space clearing” and the term is well recognised as a generic term for a number of energy clearing techniques.

    The belief that, everything that happens in a building has an effect on the space and the energy ripples like the model of our universe which is ever expanding. This applies to both detrimental and positive affects. It is not confined to the building but affects objects and furniture, including appliances.

    Repetitive actions and behaviours are as deeply imprinted in our space as they are in our lives, and in conditions of high emotions or trauma the residue is compounded exponentially.

    Another idea that underpins this modality is the people create etheric debris and this debris becomes stagnant and festers like a wound. That the practitioner of this ancient modality can clear the space by spiritual cleaning in the same way that a person cleans their house from top to bottom.

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