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    Hypnotherapy is a process in which the patient is induced into a subconscious state by the practitioner who then communicates with the patient and using the power of suggestion stimulates action in the patient, in an awakened state.

    In addition Hypnotherapy seeks to understand and correct details of unique life experiences which have played a part in the creation of a negative health symptom, physical action or social behaviour. More specifically behaviours like phobias, addiction or motivation.

    Hypnotherapy has been found useful as a way of assisting patients with concentration and improved memory. As a psychological tool Hypnotherapy has been recognised as an effective tool for patients seeking to uncover repressed memories. Psychologists regularly use this modality for the treatment of anxiety and other stress related emotional conditions.

    Both medical and dental practitioners use Hypnotherapy for the control of pain for a variety of conditions such as back pain, headache, arthritis, burns and childbirth.

    Hypno Birthing

    Hypno Birthing

    HypnoBirthing is a very simple program of self-hypnosis and education. The program is put together for women by women and is a healthy low-risk method of assisting women through pregnancy and birth. The practitioner provides natal education and empowerment by dispersing misinformation and myths about birthing.

    At the core of this modality is the idea that a women’s body has an innate intelligence and already knows how to bring their babies into the world in the calm and gentle way that Nature intended. That a simple education process which reminds women that they have this intelligence can be of assistance whether birth is given at home or in a hospital with doctors. Another core idea supporting this modality is the idea that if a woman gives birth in a peaceful and natural way the baby and mother will bond quicker and be happier and healthier. The HypnoBirthing practitioner can offer this peaceful state in a holistic way considering the psychological and physical well-being of the mother.

    HypnoBirthing programs consider the psychological and physical, well-being of the mother as paramount in treatment regimes. Patients are taught special breathing, relaxation, visualization and meditative practices as well as giving attention to nutrition and positive body toning. HypnoBirthing is not restricted to home practice and practiced in hospitals and birth centres as well.


    Reconnective Healing

    Reconnective Healing

    Re-connective Healing is a healing modality said to have its foundations rooted in the theories of nuclear and quantum physics, where everything humanity has held to be true gets turned upside down.

    Patients connect with a higher or universal intelligence, that provides divine guidance to the patients in solving their problems or issues. Similar to pranic healing, this modality utilises energy for healing and in this case the energy of universal forces which are brought to the patient through the elements and through a spectrum of light and Information. That by using these frequencies of the re-connective continuum The patient is taken far beyond the realm of any form of Energy healing.

    At the core of this healing modality is the idea that by harmonizing and changing the form of your brain waves to a frequency that is faster than light you become more than the sum of your parts and become a light being empowered by the creators unlimited power and influence.

    Through this unique and powerful healing modality patients are put in touch with what makes their heart sing, providing a clear pathway to the patients life's mission and purpose. Connecting to the next level of ones being relieves the stress and fears associated with not knowing where and how you fit in to the grand plan.

    Stop Smoking Therapy

    Stop Smoking Therapy

    Stop smoking practitioners help people to stop smoking tobacco. Common programs deal with the issue as an addiction and many forms of therapy and education are available from governmental agencies as well as private.

    Hypnosis is also used widely as a treatment along with acupuncture and nicotine supplements which assist in the reduction of withdrawal symptoms, anxiety and depression.

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