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    Imagery or Visualization
    Visualization is a process that involves recognition of a state of health or well being and then the etching of that image into the conscious and subconscious mind through visualisation exercises and technique. The practitioner teaches the patient a series of relaxation techniques helping them achieve a deep meditative condition where the patient visualises their body in a healthy condition free of ailment or malady. It is in this state that the curative effects of this modality are strongest.

    This is also referred to as guided imagery by the practitioner but can be done solely by the patient with training. Typically visualisation is a complimentary medicine used for assisting relief and control of a variety of illnesses and conditions like high blood pressure, chronic headaches and anxiety.


    Meditation is primarily a spiritual growth modality. However many physiological benefits can be gained through this age old practice. People who practice this modality are referred to as students, as opposed to patients and the practitioners of this modality are both teachers and students; with no end to the education process or the development of skills.

    Often a trance like state is entered into by the practice of this art induced by breathing work, visualisation, focus upon a sound or repetitive chanting all with the end goal of achieving awareness of the moment to enhance personal and spiritual growth. The by product of practicing these techniques is reduced stress levels and a more relaxed approach to daily life and living.

    Students of this art believe that through meditation a greater appreciation for life can be achieved. That this joie de vivre permeates into every aspect of our lives, often with the result of improved confidence, clarity and emotional stability. It is in this state of awareness that one may gain greater insight and understanding of our own thoughts, feelings, and actions and those of others and our environment. Meditation is used widely by religious and non religious groups throughout the world and is considered to be one of the oldest forms of healing.


    The term monastery most commonly is used to describe the buildings and other architectural structures where a community of religious zealots are housed. The structure or complex of buildings is not used only for domestic use but also for ceremonial functions and gatherings.

    The ideology behind the each monastery is based on the religious practices observed. These ideologies influence all aspects of the management and everyday activities of the residents and provides clear guidelines and rules for the inhabitants.


    Inner Work
    At the core of this modality is the idea of cultivating and assisting our own unique energetic system of meridians, our energy field in general for the purpose of increasing the health and well being of the mind, body and spirit.

    This is done through a series of meditative practices and techniques often assisted by the practitioner. These techniques are designed to help patients increase awareness and open channels that have been blocked because of previous experiences or traumas.


    Psycho spiritual
    The Psycho spiritual Therapy practitioner assists patients in moving closer to their inner self. It is in this state that the intuitive self grows and provides the patient with insight into ailment and illness. Through this intuitive state, methods and techniques for self healing blossom; bringing patients relief from pain and malady.

    At the core of this healing modality lay the traditional theories of psychology intended to promote human growth and spiritual clarity. Thus guiding the patient through their personal journey of life. The therapy requires patients go through an educational process where they learn and practice, imagery, visualization, meditative techniques and dream analysis. All with the intention of achieving clarity through deeper awareness, intuition and inner atonement.


    Dream Therapy
    Dreams As Therapy is a term used to describe Psychoanalytic dream interpretation. The process was invented by early 20 th century by Psychiatrists who believed that by making comparisons with dream images and every day life they could analyse the meaning of unconscious thoughts and emotions and provide insight into the any dysfunctional actions or emotions of patients. That with the new found understanding patients could embrace insecurities and other detrimental emotions and habits and make changes in the way they respond to situations and events. That this process of gaining emotional wellness would lead to a healthier happier life.

    The idea of unblocking emotions and freeing emotional forces is the same as unblocking meridians to free the flow of spiritual energy. This idea is inherent in many healing modalities termed alternative. A number of metaphysical scholars have argued that the early 20 th century the practise of Psychiatry was established as a financial business model and vehicle for turning an age old practice into modern day intellectual property. By regulating the age old practice of healers they could discredit the effectiveness of this competitive group and increase the value of their newly regulated product and service.


    Laughter Therapy
    Laughter Therapy is form of complimentary medicine where laughter is used to stimulate endorphin production in the patient creating a state of well being and often reversing emotional imbalances and psychological states of depression and anxiety.

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