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    Kinesiology is considered to be an energetic healing science that involves gauging emotional, physical and spiritual health and well being by the employment of muscle testing techniques.

    The practitioner of kinesiology uses a combination of Eastern and Western complimentary medicine practices to re balance the body on a number of levels. The purpose of this balancing is to promote the bodies natural healing mechanisms and restore physiological and neurological functions.

    The shifting of blocked energy and the balancing of the shakras or meridians of the body are at the core of this healing practice. The practitioner believes that blocks or stresses prevent smooth energetic transmission, this effects the functionality of our bio-systems, resulting in illness and malady.

    Kinesiology is said to be helpful as a treatment regime for any number of maladies including allergies, postural problems, poor performance levels, depression, digestive and nervous disorders, learning and relationship difficulties.

    It may be nutritional, emotional, structural, psychological, energetic or even spiritual – something as simple as an ‘attitude’, or a forgotten memory.

    Muscle monitoring provides clear information about the state of a persons health with a holistic overview and helps the Partitioner to pinpoint the root of the malady or illness whether it is nutritional, psychological, emotional, structural, , energetic or spiritual, kinesiology will pin point the cause so it can be addressed.


    Autonomic Response Testing

    Autonomic Response Testing

    Autonomic Response Testing is a physical exam which uses changes in muscle tone as primary indicator of illness or malady. A system of enhanced biofeedback is used to measure the responses..


    Resonance Repatterning

    Resonance Repatterning

    At the core of this healing modality is the idea that everything in our universe is made up of endless varieties of energy and each of these forces has a specific frequency. That healing energy can be tuned in much like tuning a radio. These universal healing forces operate much like the frequency of light and sound, universal energy moves in waves. That by attracting these waves patients can utilise this energy to correct imbalances in the mind, body and spirit. Thus promoting good health and well being.

    The Resonance Re-patterning practitioner works with the patient in focussing this healing energy though their bodies In turn promoting the functionality of the Autonomic Nervous System, which is connected to all the major organs, tissue and muscle.

    Diagnosis techniques to gather information about illness and malady are done through a muscle-checking system of applied kinesiology, which identifies dysfunctional early life family patterns and cultural beliefs.Resonance re-patterning recognises past traumas, loss, illness, grief or abuse as a resonant frequency.

    These resonant frequencies act to override the natural healing frequencies of universal energy by blocking the communication of the universal life forces that help humanity to maintain good health. The practitioner assists patients in breaking up these blockages, revitalising the effected area where the blockage occurred. Thus bringing the affected area back into the flow of these natural healing forces of energy.

    Advocates of this healing modality believe that the universe is always speaking and that we always hear what we want. What you resonate with, is what you experience in the world. The quality of our lives is directly related to our thoughts, beliefs and actions and many of us have un-healthy patterns or beliefs that were established prior to the development of our reasoning power. These deep seated blockages are the main focus of this healing modality. The re-patterning of un healthy or dysfunctional blockages and patterns.


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