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    Posted on May 4, 2021 by in Healing Modalities

    Massage therapy is provided by trained professionals who treat the body by way of physical manipulation of the soft tissue of the body. Rubbing, kneading, poking and patting as well as a number of pressure and release techniques could be employed in any combination for the purpose of stimulating circulation, relieving tension, increasing mobility and enhancing tissue regeneration. Massage is widely used as a complimentary medicine for a range of illnesses and maladies.

    Effective massage therapists often work in conjunction with other complimentary therapies like aroma therapy, kinesiology or rejuvinative treatments. The practitioner will ascertain each person’s needs before determining what treatment regime is needed.

    The benefits of massage are determined largely by the modality of massage chosen, and many modalities are used for treating specific illnesses, injuries or maladies.

    Even though each discipline of massage has their unique purpose and technique the most common results are;

    • improvement of the circulation of blood
    • Increased lymph functionality
    • greater flexibility and range of motion
    • reduced muscle tension

    The documented clinical benefits of massage are wide reaching.

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