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    Posted on July 27, 2021 by in Healing Modalities

    mens health

    Mens’ Health

    The intention of the men’s health practitioner is to reduce the risks and incidence of medical conditions of their patients by teaching preventive practices, screening for early detection of illness, and recommending specialized courses of treatment specific to men and problems inherent with their gender.

    Because men live less time than women statistically, medicine has embraced numerous studies to try and identify the determining factors. The results suggest that men naturally embrace more stressful habits, that this could be genetic markers which where passed from hunter gatherer lifestyles. Where males did most of the hunting. Tracking, trapping and killing is an adrenalin infused activity that creates heightened levels of stress and these stress levels are inherent in male activity even in modern times.

    Therefore these stress levels create more wear and tear on the body its organs and systems and reduce lifespan.

    Lymphatic Drainage

    Lymphatic Drainage

    Manual lymphatic drainage A type of contemporary Western massage, developed in France in the 1930s by Danish physical therapist Dr E Vodder, consisting of various manipulations intended to stimulate the lymphatic drainage of various organs and tissues. Manual lymphatic drainage aims to eliminate bacteria, toxins, viruses, wastes and excess water, and addresses blocks in lymphatic circulation, which may cause congestion and peripheral oedema. Four basic techniques are employed: stationary circles, pumping, rotation and scooping, which are followed by stroking the tissues toward the sites of normal lymphatic drainage. Manual lymphatic drainage has been used for various conditions, including acne, arthritis, bums, oedema, inflammation and sinusitis.

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