• Microcurrent Therapy, Scenar Therapy, Rife/Tense Therapy

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    Microcurrent Therapy

    Microcurrent Therapy

    Micro current therapy uses external electrical sources to mimic the frequency and intensity of the natural electrical current produced by our bodies.

    The current is then directed to affected areas of pain, injury or malady with the intention of stimulating the healing process through the support of resonant electrical vibrations that our bodies understand and can channel into our existing energy system.

    The practice is said to promote healing in various wounds and maladies because injured or wounded areas of the body block the electrical current that flows naturally in our body and these blockages reduce the functionality of our energetic system causing imbalances.

    The externally introduced pulsation of electric current is said to pass over the disconnected area making a connection with the rest of the bodies electrical system and by doing so, incorporates the affected area so the resonance of the electrical impulses can be absorbed freely in the affected area creating healing and rejuvenation.

    Micro-current therapy is also widely used to kill foreign bacteria and virus in the body in much the same way. When a virus takes hold it creates a block and that block is crossed over and integrated in the same way.

    Micro current therapists are rare, but many micro current products are available in the market place and are recommended by health practitioners of multiple modalities.

    Scenar Therapy

    Scenar Therapy

    The technology was originally developed for the Russian Space Program to help cosmonauts maintain0 their health while in space. From my reading it appears that it is not being used by their cosmonauts these days but many health facilities and multiple private individuals deploy this technology daily with a great success.

    A SCENAR practitioner is a person who assists patients in the use of SCENCAR devices. These devices are moved over the spine, abdomen or other infected areas of the bare skin.

    The modality is considered to be a complementary therapy that assists in the healing of diverse maladies from neurological problems to broken bones and everything in between including; Endocrine and Immunological difficulties, Gastrointestinal and Cardiovascular ailments, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Respiratory System and Nervous disorders.

    This system is based on advanced biofeedback technology which interacts directly with the patient’s brain and activates their body’s healing mechanisms.


    Rife/Tense Therapy

    Rife therapy works on the principle that the polarity of the electrical or magnetic charges of certain tissues in the body be induced by the application of energy.

    That the effects of this polarity change preventing most viruses and bacteria from reproducing.

    The Rife system transmits a frequency that makes it impossible for viruses, foreign invaders and parasites to survive. This frequency commonly referred to as the Mortal Oscillatory Rate is tuned to the particular foreign microbe or parasite.

    Frequency healing is not isolated to microbes and parasites but has also been widely applied to other ailments like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, stones, cuts and sores, and a host of others illnesses and ailments including certain types of cancer.

    Rife can also be used to stimulate tissue growth and promote healing.

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