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    Neural Therapy

    Neural Therapy

    Neural therapy deals with disturbances of the body’s electrophysiology. Techniques involve numbing sensations in a given area of the body by the means of local anaesthetics for the purpose of shifting blockages. It is believed that these blockages ( also called interference fields ) are directly responsible for illness and malady.

    The neural Therapy Practitioner believes that these “interference fields” in the body are responsible for a type of electric energy that causes illness and that by interrupting the current of the bodies energy field of the affected area these harmful fields can be disrupted, broken down and ultimately dissipate.

    The purpose of Neural therapy is to diagnose and treat illness and pain caused by these electrical disturbances.





    Myotherapy (e.g., Bonnie Prudden myotherapy) is a form of manual therapy which focuses on the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated pathologies. The term myotherapy was originally coined by Bonnie Prudden to describe a specific type of trigger point therapy which she developed in the 1970s based on the earlier work of Travell and Simons who researched the cause and treatment of pain arising from myofascial trigger points.

    Over the ensuing 40 years, myotherapy has evolved to become an allied health discipline which is practiced in many countries across the world including Australia,[1] UK,[2] USA, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

    Myotherapy incorporates trigger point therapy and a wide range of soft tissue massage and manipulation including: muscle energy technique, dry needling, and joint mobilization. Myotherapists also use stretching, nutritional advice, exercise prescription, postural advice and education, heat and cold therapy, ultrasound and TENS.

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