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    past life therapy

    Past Life Therapy

    Reincarnation is at the core of this healing modality. The idea that our spirit is incarnated over and over again in different forms, each time retaining the knowledge and lessons learned during the previous lifetime.

    The key principles of reincarnation are cause and effect, the idea that the actions of our previous life must be resolved. More than just moral redemption, a person's actions in one lifetime determine the relationships, conditions, situations, environment, and opportunities of the next life.

    With the clarity of these memories and experiences revealed from a past life individuals can alter their perspectives in their current lives.

    The PLT practitioner seeks to help patients release fear, strengthen self-esteem and foster forgiveness towards others and towards the self, resulting in a myriad of benefits for patients.

    PLT is touted to provide relief from such problems as chronic pain, weight problems, alcoholism, arthritis, migraine headaches, insomnia , obsessive/compulsive behaviours, chemical dependencies and depression.

    This modality helps people to let go of deep-seated emotions, fears and guilt that often results in helping patients to stop repeating old patterns that do not serve them.


    Regression Therapy

    Regression Therapy

    At the core of this healing modality is the idea that by unlocking the intuitive powers of patients they can access keys to self healing without diminishing in any way their rational powers. That by working with the emotions and sensations in the body they can find the correct solutions to healing diverse maladies through what feels right.

    The need to access intuition is based on the premise that forgotten feelings of past experience block our bodies natural framework in guiding patients through the healing process.

    Regression is a modality which assists patients in discovering and reliving earlier experiences that are most likely responsible for present complaints and conditions. This process allows the patient to reactivate positive feelings, thus relieving the unconscious burden of these past experiences and healing the emotional wounds that are at the root of their affliction.

    One widely used technique utilised by the Regression Therapist practitioner is evoking the pre-natal time in the womb. The patient re-lives this intense defining moment through re-enactment. It is in this state that addition insights, missed previously; become more apparent. This empowering moment leads to the emotional healing of that past experience, freeing up energy and promoting well being.

    Regression therapists mainly see patients for fear and depression, or for other personality disorders like passivity, or negative convictions. The Regression practitioner does not analyse the relationship someone had, so much as explore the defining moments of that situation. Like the fear of being left alone as a child and the connotations associated with that experience; more than the experience itself.




    Sekhem is a healing modality underpinned by the idea that we are all eternal beings with universal connections within this and other dimensions. Sekhem helps patients to access past lives and through applied techniques is a means to remembering these connections. Remembering past lives puts the patient in touch with the universal forces that permeate our lives and can be used to understand our current world.

    With this specific connection to the spiritual heart centre patients will be more adept at self healing and processing emotions and spiritual energies than affect us. Utilising the Sekhem energy stream will facilitate re-connection and re-remembrance of who you are in a soulful context not who you are in body and mind. This is an empowering state to be in and great gains and growth both physically and spiritually can be attained through this form of consciousness.

    At the core of this healing modality is the idea that by opening up to all of who you are , inclusive of any lives you have already lived you can finally love all of yourself and that this love is then reflected in every aspect of your life.


    Somatic Experience

    Somatic Experience

    Somatic Experiencing helps patients come to terms with past life traumas by creating awareness about these experiences. The practitioner helps the patient focus directly on how they felt about these past instances and bring those feelings into the present moment. That by doing this the patient can relieve the physical, emotional and physiological effects associated with post traumatic stress disorder and the affects of other stress and trauma-related health problems.

    Somatic Experiencing is easily integrated by practitioners with other psychotherapeutic or body-oriented healing modalities and therapies.




    A set of language- and sensory-based interventions and behavior-modification techniques intended to help improve the client’s self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, and social actions.

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