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    Psychic Healing

    Psychic Healing

    Psychic Healing also know as spiritual healing is an intervention for the purpose of assisting patients to clear psychic residue left over from past lives or current life traumatic experiences where high emotions or pain have contributed to the lack of well being. Transcending suffering is the key goal of this unique healing modality.

    Practitioners of this healing art utilise meditative techniques to access the help of sprits and angels to assist patients in healing.

    The psychic healing practitioner interacts with the sprits and the patients promoting empathy and compassion for the afflicted bringing forth forgiveness a key element in healing.

    Psychic Surgery

    Psychic Surgery

    The practitioner of Psychic Surgery is said to have the ability to surgically remove tumours, dead tissue and other health inhibiting matter with out the need for incision, anaesthetic or instruments of any kind.

    Using only their hands the psychic surgeon penetrates the body and performs these operations removing the offending maladies.

    Blood, damaged tissue and even objects can be removed from the patient. The wounds caused by entering the body immediately regenerate without leaving any marks or scaring. The Psychic Surgeon is adept in the meta physical sciences and can cast out of the body any illness or malady caused by evil spirits or mischievous elementals.

    This healing modality requires no action from the patient as the surgery is done on a spiritual plain and the physical manifestations of the illness only appear upon exiting the body.


    PSYCH-K System

    PSYCH-K System

    PSYCH-K System is a modality designed to provide an enhanced state of being to patients, leaving them with a new zest for life. That in this state, healing and the prevention of disease or malady is achieved without pain or discomfort.

    At the core of this healing art lies the belief that by re setting the bodies psychic point of attraction more and more wealth, health and success can be attracted. That this in turn will transform the patients life by reprogramming nurtured beliefs. This age old wisdom employed by healers throughout history helps to shift patients from deep seeded understandings that are holding them back.

    The PSYCH-K System practitioner employs various psychic healing techniques to affect the changes, calling upon the assistance of universal energies and spiritual forces to induce patients into an altered state where the powers of universal light can pervade and inundate their psyche and transform the patients belief system.

    The result of opening their hearts and souls to the abundance of the universe will not only allow patients to live a happier healthier life style, but will put in place the foundations of prosperity and abundance changing the patients life forever.

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