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    qi gong

    Qi Gong

    Qigong is an alternative complementary medicine that integrates breathing techniques, posture and focussed intentions to promote and maintain good health, healing and increased vitality.

    The health giving techniques of Qigong have much in common with martial arts and it is said to bring patients to a spiritual state of enhanced being through disciplined movements.

    At the core of this ancient modality is the gentle, rhythmic movements that build stamina, reduce stress and increase vitality while at the same time enhancing and boosting the patients immune system. Through continued practice improved cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions can be enhanced.

    Qi Gong is easily adapted by the physically impaired and can be practiced by all age groups because of it’s slow gentle movements and techniques. Qigong is not a health care treatment as much as it is a highly effective health care practice.

    tai chi

    Tai Chi

    The Tai Chi practitioner is versed in the ancient Chinese art form of exercise. Originally this unique for of movement and muscle isometrics was created as a means of Martial Arts used to defend or attack aggressors in fight scenarios.

    Underpinning this healthful exercise and spiritual enhancement program is the idea that opposing forces need to harmonise with each other to create wholeness and that through controlled breathing, movement and visualisation; we can control the universal energies that flow throughout the body. Practitioners of this ancient system believe that if one part of the body moves, the whole body moves as well. Therefore controlled movement exercises and invigorates the whole body mind and spirit leading to increased healthfulness, longevity and internal strength and power.

    Martial Arts

    Martial Arts

    The health benefits of the age old study and practice of martial arts are well recognised. Although martial arts is not a healing modality in the traditional sense; where there is a practitioner and a patient, the age old study and practice of martial skills is well recognised as a healthful fitness regime that integrates the mind, the body and the soul in holistic expression.

    Many practitioners of this ancient art believe that it’s use as a self defence mechanism stretches past the physical to the emotional and spiritual. That these defences are reinforced through repetitive meditative processes, not dis similar to the physical processes of the arts being reinforced by repetitive physical exercises.

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