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    parental guidance

    The parents of a shapely teenage girl noticed that their daughter was starting to fool around with men.

    One evening before she went off to a disco they warned her of the perils she might encounter. “Darling you must realize that men always try the same game. First, he invites you to dance, then he offers you a drink. Soon he invites you up to his flat to listen to his record collection… once there, he throws you onto the bed. Then you are dishonoured, your mother is dishonoured, your father is dishonoured.”

    The daughter went off on her date and returned home very late, with a reddened face and dishevelled hair.

    “What happened?” asked her parents nervously.

    “Well, you were right,” replied the daughter. “He asked me to dance, he bought me a drink and invited me to his place to listen to his record collection. But then… I threw him onto the bed! And now HE is dishonoured, his mother is dishonoured and his father is dishonoured!”

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