Medicated Enemas and Implants


Enemas have a long-standing history in the medical community. Once upon a time it was the treatment for many ills and often the first emergency treatment for any situation.
In Ayurvedic medicine medicated enemas (Nirooha Basti) are still well and alive. They are particularly beneficial for Vata disorders.

We recommend a series of 6-12 medicated enemas. Depending on your situation, one of the following enemas can be administered:

Stimulating Detox: to help detox the liver and environmental toxins

Low Heat: to help with inflammation anywhere in the body

Para Free: to help with parasites including candida

Toning: to help with hemorrhoids, piles and prolapse

Calming: to help relax and calm the nervous system

How does a medicated enema work?

You will receive a short colonic to empty the lower bowel so the herbs in the enema can be absorbed.
There is no need for you to get up in between, like with normal enemas you give yourself at home.
After the enema has been administered you just lie for up to 45 minutes relaxed during which time the herbs will be absorbed through the colon wall and can do their job directly without needing to go through the whole digestive process.
You can read, meditate, or just have a nap.
Afterwards, you go about your normal day.

Single Session          $140 – 60 min.
6-pack                       get $80 off = $760

We recommend a series of 6-12 medicated enemas depending on your health issue administered 2-4x per week


Acute inflammatory bowel diseases are contraindicated for colonics, but can receive great benefits from a special herbal mixture enema.
These need to be done daily.
Cost: $150 – 60 min.

NOTE: After your fist session you will be able to purchase the herbs to do more enemas at home if you prefer this option.


Implants are a small amount of liquid (50ml) implanted into the colon for total absorption.

We offer the following Implants:

  • Good Bugs, if there is an imbalance of good bacteria
  • Moist, for dry colons (Anuvasan Basti)
  • Detox, to help reduce acute toxicity
  • Para, to help with parasites
  • Pro, to help with prostrate issues
  • Cool, to calm inflammation

Implants are administered after a colonic session and take about 15 minutes

Cost: $45 – 20 min.

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