• 5300-year-old parasite remedies found

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    The 5300-year-old Tyrolean iceman named Ötzi found in the Italian alpine region in 1991 has been diagnosed with intestinal parasites. The interesting part of this story is that they found the medicinal treatment for his ailment in the bag he was carrying.

    Ötzi – found to have his own parasite remedies

    Recent developments in analysis and testing have allowed scientists and anthropologists to further examine two walnut-sized spheres the iceman was carrying on his last journey.

    The two spheres threaded on leather thong contained the woody fruit of a tree fungus that acts as a powerful but short-acting laxative and also contains oils that are toxic to intestinal parasites.

    The discovery was made by Professor Luigi Capasso of Italy’s National Archaeological Museum after making a connection with an earlier discovery by Professor Horst Aspoeck and his colleagues at the University of Vienna who examined the contents of the mummy’s intestines and discovered the eggs of Trichuria (whipworms and roundworms), an intestinal worm that probably gave the iceman periodic pain and anemia.

    With this evidence, we must conclude that the iceman either was a healer himself or he was in direct contact with a tribal healer who was sophisticated and educated enough to diagnose his condition and use a remedy that would kill the specific type of parasite and purge his bowel of the eggs.

    The discovery dates back to the first recorded history of China and predates Egyptian culture which is said to have influenced Greek and Roman medicine, which is the basis of western medicine and pharmacology.

    Anthropologist David Pilbeam, a specialist in paleolithic cultures, welcomed Professor Capasso’s discovery as an antidote to conventional thinking about “primitive” humans. Pilbeam said. “Current Western medicine and culture tend to underestimate the knowledge base of other ancient cultures and other times in history.

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